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good morning, america. major bulletin right now. pope benedict resign ifs a stunning announcement at the vatican. citing his advanced age and diminishing strength. the first pep to step down in almost 600 years. what this means for the catholic church. going across the interstate. >> and breaking now, tornadoes slam the south. this massive twister through a town at the dinner hour. dozens of people injured. hundreds of homes destroyed. it looked like it was amile wide. new blizzards right now.
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and good morning, america. a huge headline right now. pope benedict xvi moments ago making this announcement. speaking in lat on the a group of cardinals. and announcing his rezization. after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to a certainty that my strengths, due to advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate carrying out of the ministry. >> the last pope to resign was pope gregory xii, almost 60 years ago. benedict's rescission to resign sets the stage for a clooichb to be -- conclave, to elect a new
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pope. ash wednesday begins this week. the most important 40 dmas the catholic calendar. >> the most significant spiritual period. let's bring in dan harris. there has been speculation that he was in failing health this was a surprise. >> the vatican officials saying they were surprised. there were science. the pope admitting at times in recent months he was tired. he said he was in the final leg of the path of my life. in 2010, he fueled speculation around the possibility of r resignation that if he felt no longer capable of carrying out the duties of office, the right, and in some case, the obligation, is to resign. >> it's not happened in almost 600 years. he says he's making the decision
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and announcement with full freedom. >> and the vatican emphasizing that. in the history of the church, the very long history, there are concerned over i'm th-- concern over being forced to resign. >> so much of the papacy dealing with the fallout of the sexual abuse scandal worldwide. >> this is an issue that has threatened to define the papacy. there have been new questions about huh he handled this as the archbishop in germany. in 2008, april 2008, he came to the united states, i covered that visit. he met with victims of sexual abuse personally. a very emotional moment. >> let's bring in father john walk right newspaper.
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-- right now on the phone. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure to be on. >> father, what is your first reaction to the news? father wauck. george stephanopoulos in new york. your initial reaction to the news that pope benedict has resigned? >> it's a great surprise for the whole church. everyone in the vatican and the whole catholic world. the same time, it's not completely surprising, given what the pope had already written about the possibility of resigning. and it's clear that in terms of his mental capacities, he's in excellent shape. he's very sharp. and when he says he's taking this -- making this decision with full freedom, it's clear that that's the case. and what makes -- that makes one
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believe that this is an thakt he's taking out of a sense of responsibility and love for the church. >> and setting a significant precedent. in modern time, at least, many popes have taken the position this is an thaufoffice that cout be resigned. >> i think his statement that his awareness is above all, spiritual, and carried out through suffering is meant to respond to that. he's well aware of what john paul ii did, for instance, stay in office until the very end, suffering physically. and in an extreme and public way was legitimate. he's saying, given the situation -- >> and as you look back over his -- >> such that he's -- so far. >> excuse me, father. as you look back over his
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papacy, what will he will remembered most for? >> i think he'll be remembered, above all, as a teaching pope for his books about the life, his encyclicals. the books about the life of jesus have been profound. it will take years to unpack all of the profundity of his thought. he's done a great service to the church already in his service to john paul ii. >> father john wauck, thank you very much. the first pope to have an account on twitter. >> the first pope ever to tweet. he's 85 years old. pope john paul ii was 84 when he died. wlerned after he died he considered twice resigning because of his ill health. this sets up a political process with the conclave electing the next pope.
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dan harris joining us on this discussion. it was a quick process to anoint pope benedict. how does the process work? >> this is a fascinating, intricate, ancient process. a brief look at how it works. take a look. for the past 10 year, papal elections have been held in the vatican's sistine chapel. they're totally cut off from the outside world. all banned. once the election commence, they'll sleep and eat in the santa marta house in private rooms, each with a bathroom. about 70 people are awe loied in besides the cardinals. who can vote for the pope? usually those under the age of 80 at the time of the pope's death. so at this time benedict is still alive.
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will he be part of it or will his age keep him out? any catholic male, not married, is eligible. for more than 1,000 year, it's almost always been a cardinal. the ballots are secret. each cardinal writes his choice on ballot slip. in the old day when no pope was elected, the papers were burned with wet straw to make smoke. now a days, different chemical pelts are used to create black. the smoke signals come out twice a day, at the end of the morning and at the end of the afternoon, until a pope is elected. of course, the question now, what will pope benedict do once he's replaced? he says he hopes to continue to
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serve the church in a life dedicated to prayer. we've heard from the pope's brother this morning that the pope was told not to take any transatlantic trips. the pope had been considering this decision for months now. according to his brother. >> thank you so much for the primmer on the ancient process using smoke csignals. let's bring in cokie roberts. pope benedict was anointed the successor to pope john paul ii in many ways. can benedict anoint his own successor now? >> sure he can. if he wants to. that's the question now. this surprise and shocking resignation as opposed to the death of the pope means we have an odd period of time before the
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conclave. usually, there's a long period of mourning, which is also a time for politicking. among the cardinals. now we don't know when the conclave will happen. i would suspect sooner than later, with easter around the corner. i think that the politicking time period is probably going to be shorter than usual. that will have an effect. >> you talk about the politicking. there was a saying that the rumor mongering among the different vatican watchers begins about who will be the next pope the minute the previous pope is sworn in. who are the names that have emerged in the last eight years that we have had pope benedict leading the church as to who might be his successor? >> the whole argument is over whether it will be a progresser or conservative.
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there are fewer and few eer conservatives left. i think you're not likely to see that happening. then the question is, what is the nationality? there have been lots of discussions about latin american cardinals, african cardinals. among the billion catholics, mo most of them are in the southern hemisphere. that's a huge change. the shift, the politics of the church, the makeup of the church. i think there will be a lot of pushback from italy. the majority of congregants are in the south, there's still a huge number of italian cardinals. now there's a sense that now there have been two pope, one from germany, one from poland.
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they're ready for an american pope. >> what about cardinal dolan in new york? an american? >> that's a possibility. the american church is considered a some what wayward church. that comes as a shock to a lot of catholics. they see us as a source of funds more than a source of popes. >> ah, well, interesting perspective. cokie, we'll touch back with you throughout the day. we'll follow this throughout the next weeks. the conclave will assemble quickly. hugely important. the other big headline this morning, the extreme weather slamming the country. tornadoes slamming the south. a new blizzard developing. sam is tracking it all. >> what a weekend. two blizzards. a round of severe storms. 15 tornadoes reported last night. pictures out of duluth.
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virginia, minnesota. these pictures from duluth, the 16 to 18 inches of snow coming down in the blinding, whiteout conditions. the midwest blizzard. in the southern side, it kicked off all the tornadoes. and hattiesburg. long, wedge-shaped tornado. dangerously close to a university there. steve osunsami is there in hattiesburg this morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. one tornado warning after another. they just kept come ppg this building at the university of mississippi has stood here for more than 100 years. it was destroyed in seconds. fortunately, no one was inside. families in south central mississippi were in the middle of sunday's supper. the sky went dark. then came the sound of terror. a giant tornado screaming through town. >> i have never heard it like that. it's hugely loud.
7:14 am
>> reporter: this was the view from a camera right in the tornado's path. >> stuff falling out of the sky. >> reporter: by the time the tornado hit hattiesburg, residents say it looked amile wide. >> that is a tornado. >> reporter: lighting up the sky are blown transformer, broken homes, and crumpled cars. >> wow, dude! >> reporter: this morning, authorities say at least ten tornadoes struck mississippi, and another five tore through parts of alabama, tearing down buildings and sending nearly a dozen people to area hospitals. here is what's left of one family's home. the cars still parked in what used to be the garage. the rest of the home sliced in half. >> this is significant damage. thousands without power right now. >> reporter: overnight, search and rescue teams went looking through the debris, making sure no one was still trapped. tufrt says it's fortunate that students were away on holiday.
7:15 am
there is still state of emergency here. the they're telling any student not already here not to come back until further notice. >> damage is incredible. our first blaizzard. two feet, three feet of snow. they're still cleaning up this morning. we have reports throughout it. we'll look and how things are shaping up in that direction. now the morn's other top head flooins josh. >> the carnival cruise ship adrift in the gulf of mexico. a fire in the engine room knocked out power leaving more than 4200 people on board stranded. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the carnival "triumph" is little more than a 100,000-on the cork bobbing in the gulf of mexico.
7:16 am
the engines are so badly damaged, a tugboat will have to tow it to mexico starting at noon today. brett says his wife called to say the plumbing wasn't work. >> there's no running water. they just really got food there to them tonight. no power whatsoever other than the emergency flasher lights that are on. she was crying and hysterical. >> reporter: overnight, carnival told abc news that many of the toilets are coming back online. the passengers are not in danger. a fire erupted in the engine room on sunday. it was extinguished by an automated system, not before it hobbled the ship. >> all the passengers are staying in the public areas of the vessel on the open dex. because there's no air conditioning. >> reporter: emergency generators are providing some power. the ship, 2 1/2 football fields long saz the mercy of the sea.
7:17 am
tugboats are a couple of hours away. the hard part begins now. it will take three full days to get the ship back to a port in mexico. with six-foot seas, not much of a vacation. we turn to the most serious warning yet about a new era of cyber war fair. akoording to an intelligence report, the u.s. is a target of a massive possibility of information being stolen from major u.s. industries. the white house is expected to issue an executive order this week to establish a volunteer system aim at helping big companies share threat information with the government. as we head back to work this week, yet another gas spike at the gas stations. the national average now standing at $3.59 a gallon.
7:18 am
prices well over $4 in states lycra xwrauz of higher oil prices. and pipeline maintenance. and finally the national anthem that went oh, so horribly wrong at one minor league hockey game. take a look. that's the fellow that handles the mascot for the bakersfield condo condors. fell on the ice. and the 29-pound bird was -- waernding. as you might expect, vultures not used to spending time in the rink. on to boards. on to the bench. and i don't blame those big, tough hockey players for getting on to the ice. they say the bird's got a ten-foot wingspan. >> they have all that padding on. >> he walked up the tunnel and benched himself. think they're going to change their name to the bakersfield pandas. that should change things.
7:19 am
>> let's bring sam back in. we have more weather coming this week. if you're tired of snow, don't get tired of it yet. into the new england area. ice, rain, snow. watch this front early this morning. new york stay, connecticut, massachusetts, hampshire, you'll pick up a little bit of collecting ice from this. it will change over to rain. there will be slippery moments on the highways due to that. new storm system moves in. just outside oklahoma city. amarillo, snow. santa fe. in some cases, 6 to 12 inches of snow. this movers to the new york city and washington, d.c. area by wednesday, wednesday night. a quick look at the big board.
7:20 am
>> and coming up on "gma," more breaking news coverage of pope benedict's surprise resignation. and the latest on the m
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good morning. we're getting some breaking news. we're hearing about a school bus accident. a private school bus collided with a car. no children on that bus were
7:27 am
injuried. >> route 27 is shut down. >> we have a crew on route and we will have live updates and they will be available for you. since it's shutting down to roads, let's get to traffic. how is it looking out there? >> well, the roads will be shut town for a while for this accident. now, if you're traveling on 83, no delays whatsoever. 695 is congested here on the west side. you're taking a live look and it will take you an extra 12 minutes to travel from 795 down to 70. it will only continue to park as a rule. the outer loop is moving very slow. that's a look at the traffic and here is the most accurate forecast. yes, we're dealing with some wet weather out there. the rain is coming down and
7:28 am
it's beginning the clear out. on the back side we're still going to be dealing with the showers as we go through the rest of the afternoon. most of the rain and the bulk of the rain is among the shore. we're talking about chapel woods. denton more of the same and glenns boar reseeing some of the heavy moderate rain. let's go back over to megabegan and charlie. more news and weather and traffic coming up in about a half hour.
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7:30 am
you are looking live at st. peter's square in rome. pope benedict xvi, in an historic move, will resign on february 28th. the pope snag latin, his advanced age and diminishing strength were the reasons for his resignation. now sets the stage for a new conclave and a new pope in place likely before easter. >> there had been a lot of speculation about whether he was considering it. pope john paul ii had thought about twice resigning before he died. this sets off a mad dash to elect a new pope on the eve of
7:31 am
ash wednesday and the 40 days leading up to easter. we'll have the latest on the massive manhunt for expolice officer christopher dorner. there's now a $1 million reward for his arrest. >> this has the entire l.a. valley up in arms. we'll switch gears a bit. what a night at the grammys. carrie underwood wowing the audience and apparently burning up on that -- what a dress. that actually is. a remarkable dress. >> your gram my highlights. >> it's a big monarch butterfly. we're going to start this half hour in the latest on the m manhunt for exlos angeles police officer christopher dorner. police are searching for the rogue officer opinion pierre thomas is in los angeles where he is tracking the latest on
7:32 am
this. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. police are pleading for the public's health. the blunt assessment, if dorner is not caught and caught soon, he'll try to kill again. >> help us to find dorner. before he's able to kill again. >> reporter: an intense, urgent press conference. the major and police offering a $1 million reward. >> we will not tolerate this reign of terror. >> reporter: the police on high alert at the grammys. this mortganing, the search continues in big bear. so far, he's vanished. the last images of him on monday on this surveillance tape at a san diego dumpster, obtained by cnn. every possible sighting prompting massive police response. dorner has declared war on police, calling the lapd corrupt
7:33 am
and racist. he says he was blacklisted and unjustly fired after accusing a fellow officer of unnecessary force. he lays out a list of 50 high-value targets. the list includes police and their family. >> to be targeted because of what you are. to have your family targeted because they're related to you. that is absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: the city is on edge. this week, a twist. we learned that dorner has some flight training. the tsa has airports here on alert. >> thank you, pierre. let's turn to a sicyber bullying problem. a former green bay packers cheerleader is speaking out. >> reporter: the viral video this former cheerleader crafted may be the blew print response
7:34 am
to kish bullying. she turned the tables on her harts. a college cheer leader, living her dream in 2009, chosen to perform for the green bay packers. four years larkts the dream almost a nightmare. caitlin collins, blitzed in an online attack. this picture posted, like if you agree the pack verse the worst cheerflaersd the nfl. thousand clicked like. many posting shockingly vulgar comments about her looks. >> it's hard to brush it off. no matter how confident a person can seem, and appear, words hurt. >> reporter: now collins is fighting back against sish bullying in a powerful and unique way. ♪ you raise me up >> reporter: armed with only a song and some hand-written cards, she shows the words that
7:35 am
were the comments. doesn't get any uglier. truly an eye sore. >> i went to bed. woke up in the morning. it was everywhere. >> reporter: this morning, the video has gone viral. now approaching 1 million views in just five days. the paerks issckers issued a st calling the online commentary extremely offensive. >> i'm extremely relieved and so happy. >> reporter: sol lins says she also made the vid dwroe thank the bears fans who had the courage to cheer her on during the attacks. holding up this touching comment. even as a bears fan, think that was mean. she's not ugly and also she's someone's daughter. she hopes the message of kindness and anti-bullying goes on. >> have a second thought before they type those nasty words or say those nasty words to somebody. >> reporter: she's a cheerleading coach for a team of
7:36 am
middle schoolers. her approach will be a lesson to those kids. as we said at the top of the show, starting the weekend with a blizzard. the largest snowfall in one event in portland. boston, the fifth largest snowstorm. our ginger zee is about this high up in snow in boston. oh, no, ginger, you stepped out of it. >> i'm going step back in. this is what i was going do. i'm going to show you how deep all the people throughout the northeast have been trudging through or playing in. kind of a nightmare when it comes to getting cars out. one of the most impressive pictures of the weekend. the long island expressway, cars entombed. this morning, 15,000 people without power. it's not warm at all. but certainly going to warm up.
7:37 am
as you mentioned earlier in the show. on top of all of this snow that is waist-high in a lot of place, you'll see a little bit of freezing rain and eventually warmer weather. sam? >> and we're a little concerned that, well, the models are picking up a snowmark to the east coast in the middle of the week. but a bigger snow system maybe by tend of the week moving back to the east'll watch all that f you're not surprised. rain today for mobile, tallahas >> all of that weather brought
7:38 am
to you by petco. it's funny. as we started the winter forecast, we all knew february would be an active time. i think it will prove true. >> this active? >> they're not going that far yet. they're saying it will be a big, big system. >> we're still digging out sfwlp yeah, i know, i know. last night, what a night at the grammys. rihanna, bruno mars, all the highlights from muse you can's biggest night. ♪ would you be love ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made
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back now at 7:40. what a night it was for music last night at the grammys. all the biggest stars stepping out. no shortage of incredible performance from justin timberlake to alicia keys, rihanna and so much more. chris connelly is in los angeles live for us. it was great show, chris. >> reporter: it sure was. they give out awards. the people who put on the show like to talk about grammy moments. singular moments of live performance. plenty of those last night. the guy who once brought sexy back bringing himself back. ♪ she's so fine come on tonight ♪ >> reporter: it was justin timberlake in black and white and stepping out for a supper club serving of suit and tie.
7:43 am
with jay-z in support. super siren rihanna, could you be lovin' on the late bob marley. with getup standup work by son zig ziggy, sting, and bruno mars. and t.swizzle looking glass style. snow ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: alicia keys banging the drums. check out adam levine's skills. all while that keep it covered dress code memo was on many minds. >> i'm country. i wasn't going have my butt cheeks hanging out any way. >> as you can see, i read the memo. >> reporter: a night without an
7:44 am
overwhelming winner. but lots of smiling faces. like for best new artist. >> i was never nominated in this category and i have my own eye lash line. >> reporter: best new artist winner, fun, took home song of the year. >> if this is in hd, everybody can see our face, we're not very young. >> reporter: mumford & sons earned album of the year. record of the year went to gotye for "somebody that i used to kn know" presented by the rarely seen prince. frank ocean took home the urban contemporary gammy. with the greez zi one opting to stand out of ocean's standi ini. kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, and adele also won. as for the unnominated justin bieber, he spent the night
7:45 am
trying to get online with his fans but having technical difficulties. he posted this video with some new music of his and cameos of his little bro and sis. you might prefer jack white and his big bad guitar. to each his own. >> i liked maifs st ed mavis st. also coming up, more revelations about the pope's stunning surprise announcement today that he'll be resigning. we'll talk to the vatican communications director just ahead. [ female announcer ] the best way to see europe is with royal caribbean. ♪ ♪ ♪ all this, and europe, only on royal caribbean.
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oh, that's exciting. we're back with the latest on the pope's stunning resignation this morning. the 85-year-old pontiff set to step down on february 28th. joining us is the vatican communications director. were you surprised? >> george, i was surprised but i
7:50 am
wasn't shocked. a couple of years ago, the pope said in a question-answer interview book with a german journalist that there were occasion that a pope could resign and should resign. i think that was a wakeup call for all of us sfwlp from what you can see up close, how is his health? >> the pope, i tell everybody, because they ask me that, they have been asking me for months, the pope is pretty much like my father is. he's five years older than the pope. sharp mind, but a slowing body. and i think the pope is really exactly the same. i would always invite my father to new york every spring. i would go back and invite him to new york. a couple of years ago, i said, i'm not sure i can do that without watching him the whole time. i think the pope probably feels like that, too. he's slowing a bit. nothing immediately serious or
7:51 am
grave. he has an older brother who is still along. he thought the demands of the job were too much for his physical well being. >> what comes next? what kind of role will he play in the choice of his successor? >> the pope will do what he wants to do for a long time. to read books and pray. i interviewed him about -- almost 25 years ago when i was with "time" he said, it's no secret -- >> we have to interrupt. thank you for your time. hey, there's a photo booth. come on!
7:52 am
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good morning a teenager cautioned of killing his baby sister is due in montgomery court court today for a bond hearing. he was baby-sitting his 14- month-old sister while the mother was at work and the next morning the mother found the baby unresponsive. and the seen being currently held as a adult. has haddy harrison will be laid to rest today. harrison was the longest-
7:57 am
serving delegate. and time to check the forecast. we're tracking 9 rain now. but it is starting to get out of here. the heaviest rain up in talbott and queen ann and caroline county. but looking good in the wet. we'll still have a few isolated showers work their way in here but isolated will be the key. rook at all the fog that we're seeing here. you cannot see the bridge back there. but look at temperatures and rainfall, there are about three- tenths in fallston. let's get a check of the abc2 news timesaver traffic. we're following a school bus accident in carroll county in manchester. and it shuts down sullivan road between route 27 and lemon. you'll want to you'd old mill road. three crashes on 95, all southbound. one at route 272 and one in the southbound shoulder 43 and another southbound at katelyn
7:58 am
avenue. and this is a look at the avenue much heavy congestion as you make the push-up from parkville to towson. and on the west side at liberty, a slowdown to route 40. we'll send you back to "good morning america." this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love.
7:59 am
it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] carry on through the rain. how about some fun right now. that is fun that you're listening to. a big night for them at the grammys last night. >> singing in the rain. >> appropriate this morning as well. what an anthem that is, what a night they had. and they got everyone on their feet, even though they were soaked. >> my kids loved this. >> it with was the year of fun. they've not mussed off this album. >> no, they're doing extraordinarily well. >> i hope robin is sleeping in this morning. she'll be back real soon. nine day wednesday, february
8:01 am
20th. lara is on assignment this morning. great to have elizabeth vargas in and rachel smith. pope benedict announced this morning he'll resign. in a surprise announcement at the vatican. the 85-year-old pope is stepping down saying it's because of advanced age and diminished strength. we could have a brand-new pope by easter. probably before that. this wednesday, ash wednesday. this is big news for the world's more than 1 billion catholics. >> lots more on that. also, melissa mccarthy. >> i love her. >> she stole "this is 40." she took heat from a critic last week for her weight. she's having a last laugh this morning. >> she had a big weekend. >> oh is that me. >> elizabeth.
8:02 am
>> kate upton -- kate upton's big moment also. how the supermodel, actually, i was looking at her. how she captured the cover of "sports illustrated" for the second time. holy moly. >> i wouldn't have been able to read that either. >> several probably pausing moments going on on the set right now. how about, a friend of the show, our good friend, donald driver, here this morning. "dancing with the stars" champ, just retired from the nfl. and this morning, he has a top secret gold envelope. donald? gold envelope, really? >> gold envelope. >> to be revealed later. >> it's gonna be good. it's gonna be good. it will be good. the big news first out of rome. >> the breaking news morning. pope benedict saying he'll resign as the head of the catholic church at the end of this month. dan harris is here to explain what is behind this historic decision.
8:03 am
and now, dan, what is next? >> reporter: good morning, josh. this is to say, the very least, unusual. this is not the sort of job from which one normally steps down. this is the first time in the modern era that a pope has resigned. this morning, convening a meeting of top church official, reading statement in latin saying he was resigning effective february 28th at 8:00 p.m. local time. after having repeatedly examined my conscience before dpod, i have come to the certain my strengths, due to an advanced age are no longer cuted to an adequate erks size of this job. he went on the say his mind and body deteriorated to the extend that i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately perform my job. the vatican will convene a conclave of cardinals.
8:04 am
as for benedict, he hopes to serve the church through a life dedicated to prayer. an historic morning, josh. as sam has been telling us, all weekend long, parts of the south, littered with twits debris after a powerful batch of tornadoes, as many as 15 through last night. one ripped through hattiesburg, mississippi. more than 50 people injured. we'll have updates all morning long. a cruise ship nightmare in the gulf of mexico. the carnival "triumph" is floating in the gulf of mexico after an engine fire. toilets are just coming online right now. it will take until wednesday to get to mexico. an army veteran will receive
8:05 am
the medal of honor today. former staff sergeant clint romesha led the effort to retake a remote u.s. outpost in a battle that left eight americans dead. the 32-year-old father of three will be the first lady's guest at the state of the union tonight. and great news about lindsey vonn. she just underwent surgery for the knee ligaments she tore here. her seweraurgeon say, all went . he expected her to fully recover in time for the winter olympics next year. lindsey vonn figures to be back. >> so great. >> rachel, "pop news." welcome back. >> a little pop action. earlier this morning, more on it now. one pop starks star noticeably missing from last night's
8:06 am
grammys, justin bieber. he scheduled a live stream to chat with fans during the awards show. the only problem, beliebers overpop lated the site, crashing the stream. so he made this video instead, of course, shirtless. you were just tuning in, right? >> unfinished clips of one of his songs. his little sister and brother made an appearance. on saturday, he was the host and musical guest at "saturday night live." revealing he has a valentine this year. who sit? celebrity whoopi goldberg. >> she's fantastic. that's great. a great choice. and another great gal. beyonce. if you haven't seen enough about her, you're about to see more. in her document my life is but a dream. she's the cover girl of
8:07 am
"vogue's" march issue. >> so beautiful. >> she says making the film was a therapeutic process and healed her in many ways. the march issue of vogue hits stands on february 20th nationwide. look at her, still got those moves. >> that was just so great. >> i know. okay, guy, and the guy has done it again. the guy being ben affleck. another big weekend. he continued his winning streak across the pond, taking home two more awards. the british equivalent of the oscars for his suspense-filled tlirl, "argo." he won for best movie and best director. a category that he's been snubbed for. >> he's been on such a roll. >> where does he put all the awards. >> up, down, now he's on a roll.
8:08 am
>> home stretch is here. a special treat for you. time for a little pop news pop in. our friend, mr. donald driver. hey. okay, that music. that music is -- >> i got a special thing going on. everybody ready? >> yes. >> tuesday, february 26th. >> that date, that music, that means -- >> "dancing with the stars." the cast will be announced live. no one is complaining. >> donald is a former "dancing with the stars" champion. you're a newly retired professional football player. >> i want to say this. in 2001, i dade story on the green bay packer running back, young donald driver in the room, he said, keep your eye on that kid. he's going to be a good one. turns out, he was a great one. >> thank you so much. i paid him to say that.
8:09 am
paid him to say that. >> happy belated birthday. can't wait to hear about the cast reveal on "gma" on february 26th. "dancing with the stars." >> like your diamond earrings, donald. >> thank you. they look good? come on now. >> they're blinding from here. >> not too blinding. let's get weather. >> donald, shift your head so the light done. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to show you. a live shot of atlanta. big issues. lots of rain scooting across the deep south again today. let's talk about everything else. a big pattern shift coming. lit drag it will drag a couple of snowmakers across the country. one kicks off wednesday, wednesday night from new york city to washington, d.c. if that jet stream stays in the position and we get a big system
8:10 am
dropping out of canada, we'll mange another snowmaker in the middle of the country that will exit east coast over the weekend. here's a quick look at the temperatures. >> grammarian josh elliott pointing out we couldn't pay for capital letters on the note
8:11 am
there. something's happening. what is happening? >> a lot of things are happening on the "gma" morning menu. who stole the stage? and how melissa mccarthy is having the last laugh this morning. and madonna like you have never seen before. we're up close with the superstar and her personal frarn all coming up on "gma" and in times square. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®.
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and now come the richer possibilities. [ children laughing ] aarp. an ally for real possibilities. find tools and resources at asee lioutdoors, or transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you. ♪ music's biggest night in hollywood last night.
8:16 am
the 55th annual grammy awards. there is fun right there. it was a fantastic night. here to talk about it this morning, jess cagle. and tracy lester, the contributing style editor of glamour magazine. it was appropriate -- >> here i am. tracy and i are often confused. >> i apologize. it was a fun night. >> it was a really fun night. the awards were nicely spread out. ming mumford & sons for album of the year was great. after last year with adele and whitney houston, those two events galvanized the audience. people may feel this year is a little bit of a letdown. they don't hand out awards. they just play music. it's always great. >> i don't know if it was just me. but i thought the performances
8:17 am
last night were phenomenal. alicia cease akeys and maroon 5. rihanna in the sendup to bob marley. >> the tribute to asandy hook. the alicia keys maroon 5, that was awesome. >> they were beautiful, i thought, with the dress code. >> the dress code threw a monkey wrench into the evening. people were mocking it. j. lo, no booty, no breasts hanging out. she's like, you didn't say anything about leg. there she goes showing off the leg in the amazing dress by anthony bacarello. pit bull said, you were the one that inspired the dress code
8:18 am
memo. >> it was like they were daring almost half of the people to show up naked. the rock star dress code seemed folly from the beginning. >> you had rihanna in the dress that looked conservative at first glance. but it was supersheer. >> there was not air between katy perry and her dress. >> did you see ellen degeneres looking at it? >> there was a lot to look at. >> maybe the oscars having a dress codes. maybe others. but the grammys are when you want to see that edge, jess. what do you think? >> i agree. like tracy said. giving them a dress code was daring. but, i always noticed, not a lot of people flaunted it. there were people that toyed with it. i thought everybody was pretty well behaved. carrie underwood's dress came alive.
8:19 am
it was a lava lamp, a bed of roses. >> lava lamp is the best description. spl she found a good way to stand still. >> think jess and i disagree. i thing it was so cool that this dress by thea had a projection screen. it's 4 1/2 feet wide. you want to see something that is a wow. this is a wow. >> i thought justin timberlake was a real wow. let's go to comic melissa mccarthy. i'm a big fan of hers. a big movie opening this weekend. topping the box off with the movie, "identity thief." the victory at the box office comes just days after comment about her weight from a big-name film critic. cecelilia vega has the story. >> reporter: this morning, me less is a mccarthy is having the last laugh. her latest movie just earned the biggest opening so far this
8:20 am
year. stealing the box office this weekend by raking in more than $36 million. ♪ now, ooh, barracuda oh. >> reporter: that's $10 million more than "bridesmaids's" opening weekend. the film comes on the heels of rex reed's scathing review. he delivers blow after blow, calling mccarthy tractor-sized, a humongous creep, and a hippo. >> 90% of actresses are extremely skinny. you have someone more overweight being successful, it will draw this type of attention. just because it's not normal. >> reporter: now the critic calling her out is being criticized himself. eric stonestreet tweeting, turns out, rex reed didn't die sad and
8:21 am
alone ten years ago. nope, he's alive and starving for attention. so let's give him some. >> not me! >> reporter: while neither reed nor mccarthy are commenting, she said she's never going to be a stick thin starlet. >> two kids, 41. there's so many other things to worry about. >> reporter: her real woman appeal has made her one of the most successful actresses in hollywood. that didn't stop reed from calling her a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success. >> the woman is trying to mess with your mind, you know that. >> reporter: she had a leading role in "gilmour girls." and an emmy award for "mike & molly." >> it's my first and best pageant ever. >> reporter: perhaps it's ro
8:22 am
roseanne barr who used her weight for comic relief who puts it best. tweeting these words of encouragement to mccarthy. you're great comedian. your body is your instrument. you play it expertly. for "good morning america," se veal cecilia vega. >> i'm going out on a limb. i echo everything eric stonestreet says. >> she's totally watchable. >> you can't take your eyes off of her. >> also totally watchable, cynthia mcfadden. >> well, well, well, folks. i'm here because i have interviewed madonna many times as you know. now i had a chance to go with the woman who makes her body rock hard. her new trainer, nicole winhoffer. i'm not into this. but take a look.
8:23 am
>> great. >> reporter: she brings down the house with chart-topping songs like vogue. ♪ come on, vogue >> reporter: wows fans with jaw-dropping dance moves. this video, the first time i was broadcast was shot by madonna's team during her last tour. ♪ ♪ i'm a different kind of girl ♪ respect yourself >> reporter: and no, she was not born this way. like the rest of us, she has to work at it. but for the past 3 1/2 years, she's had a secret weapon. this woman, 28-year-old nicole winhoffer. a professional dancer and madonna's personal trainer. to watch her por form is to see a real athlete at work. it's staggering. >> amazing. it blows my mind. we come up with exercises to help facilitate that movement on
8:24 am
stage. >> reporter: it's a high-energy dance workout with strength training. meant to give the superstar stamina for her nonstop concerts. how many days a week do you work out together? >> we work out six days a week. >> reporter: six days? >> if you want to look like that, you have to be consistent. she makes it part of her life. >> reporter: six days a week, two hours a day. cow can do it, too. nicole will take you through madonna's workouts in a video. she says anyone can do it. i'm not sure that means a couch potato like me. >> let me show you two moves. >> reporter: this is called the purpley, one of madonna's favorites. >> we're going to pop the butt back. >> reporter: i may not be joining the tour anytime soon. i'm ready to give the workout a try. here's the ins trags. i want to be madonna from the neck down.
8:25 am
while using a chair, how she fires up the gruts and quads. already, i'm behind. this is the warmup? i'm plenty warm. after just ten minute, i'm ready to call it quits. madonna, i'm never going to be you. what keeps the pop star motivate snd who does she listen to? >> we listen to missy elliott, jay-z, kanye, beyonce. we have two deejays that make play lists for us. >> reporter: i'm 100% shocked to find out that one of those dee yas added a familiar voice. >> they remixed interviews over beats. >> reporter: you to have any idea what it is. >> i don't know. >> i'm like, who is that? and it's you. play the music. ♪ >> it feels reductive.
8:26 am
>> reporter: nabt's the secret. make your own recording. i'm never going to be known for working out. if anyone can inspire me to get back in the gym, she's adorable. nicole, her addicted to sweat workout series the available online. >> six days a week, two hours? >> literally, ten minutes in, i'm going, are we done yet? >> a workout that is literally reductive. >> look it up. >> it was a kick, guys. >> the butt back. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> cynthia, you're game. >> i'm game, i'm game. i'm sore, too, let me say that. kate upton is coming up. she made the cover of "sports illustrated" again.
8:27 am
good morning. here are a few of the top stories. the mayor intends to deliver her state of the city address and one topic that she'll talk about is the city he is bleak financial report saying that the city could be bankrupt in ten years. former maryland's first lady looking for a new role as the county executive. he is now considering reasoning to fill a seat recently vacated. he was found guilty of misconduct and resigned from the post. and the county council has 30 days to fill the seat. and now a time to check the forecast. finally we're getting a break of the rain. it is pushing off the eastern shore right now heading into
8:28 am
delaware. behind it, we'll see a few spotty showers as we go through the day. make sure that you have your rain gear with you. you see what is going on in ellicott city and plenty of cloud cover is dealing with patchy fog in the area this morning. and the temperature coming in at 36 degrees. and as we go in through the 3:00 time frame, that temperature coming in at 55 degrees and it will be breezy with the southerly flow and now a check of the abc2 news timesaver traffic. good morning. we're dealing with several accidents. trouble in howard count where there's a crash other than 70 past route 32. and we have a crash blocking within southbound lane at 272 up in the northeast and one in downtown baltimore along the southbound shoulder of gait lynn avenue. there's a crash on reisterstown road and here's a live look at delays. at liberty will it take you an extra 16 minutes down to 70. more news, weather and traffic coming in a half hour.
8:29 am
till then, more "good morning america." be safe on the roads.
8:30 am
♪ i'm on top of the world, hey i'm on top of the world, hey ♪ wow, good morning, america. >> hello, everyone, out there in times square. the wane reign is coming down. we have smiles on our faces because we know robin roberts is coming back to "gma." wednesday, february 20th. lara on assignment this morning. great to have elizabeth vargas and rachel smith both here. >> great to be here. the lovely katherine heigl is going to join us. she's a mother of two. she and her husband share their home with, get this, seven dogs and three cats as well as a baby. she'll be here to talk about a new line of pet products. i'm saying this as i'm looking,
8:31 am
sorry, i can't get over. can we take a shot of chauncey? look that. it's a walking shag rug. any way, we'll tell you all about chauncey in a moment. >> they share their home with katherine and her husband. more star power. the stunning viola davis is here. a new movie opening valentine's day called "beautiful creatures." speaking of. this morning, she's here are a sneak peek of a supernatural row ra romance. >> new york city is going to the dogs. 107th westminster dog show. best in show tomorrow night. this one, i have never seen before. >> really? >> no, i have never seen this breed before. >> fair to say, i don't know that he has ever -- >> how much does he weigh?
8:32 am
>> 140 pounds. >> hi, buddy. there you are. >> how much does he eat? >> a lot.chauncey. i want to know how he sees? >> normally, i have his hair up. >> oh, he's huge. does hi hair grow like this? >> they start to mat at the age of 9 to 12 months. you start to pull it apart. lit grow down to the floor when they're about five years old. he's about 4. and he loves himself and everybody. >> what is he bred for? >> they're livestock guardian dogs. >> you got caught in the middle of it. >> they protect from predators. this is a natural coat to protect their organ ifs they get attacked. >> so a wolf or something couldn't bite through it? >> no. >> you smell my dogs. >> your dogs are going smell
8:33 am
chauncey when you go home. that is a massive pop. we have to go from this to kate upton. >> the superer pold is capturing the cover of "sports illustrated" swim suit issue for the second year in a row. not hard to guess why. abbie boudreau has a look at the kate upton phenomenon. >> reporter: she heats up this year's cover in a photo hot enough to melt ice. in the revealing picture, she sizzles in bikini bottoms and a fur-trimmed parka. the 20-year-old. >> reporter: set pulses racing last year. now he's the swim suit issue's first back-to-back cover girl since tyra banks did it in 1996 and 1997.
8:34 am
in this video from last year, she talks about being featured in the magazine. >> it's an american tradition. when i first got it, it was so exciting. >> reporter: while flaunting her curves has made her famous, she's set her sights on turning heads on madison avenue. >> she's main stream, accessible. the girl next door. but maybe a little hooter. >> reporter: she's also had her detractors. last year, a blogger known as skinny girl called her thick and wrote, she has huge thigs. no waste, big, flat floppy boob. her fans snapped to her defense. cynthia bailey, a former model herself, says upton's appeal is largely due to the fact that she's not superthin. >> her body was an example of a
8:35 am
healthy, sexy, curvy body. she represents a woman that has that body that you don't often see so much in "sports illustrated." so i was excited to see her. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> well, she is a beauty. i have to agree. let's go to sam and a look at the weather. >> so much going on first. >> what are you eating? >> chips. >> you're welcome to join. now the new taste of lays potato chips. they challenged consumers to create a new flavor. 3.8 million people submitted their ideas to an expert panel of people like michael eva longoria. we can tell you how you can choose the winner. so christine is here. yours is -- chicken and waffles?
8:36 am
>> yes. >> how did you come up with that? >> chicken and waffles is one of my family's favorite things to eat. the inspiration is my nephew, who one time i stole a bite of his waffle and he hasn't let me live it down since. >> karen, there is not wrong with garlic bread and cheese. tell me about your inspiration. >> i have three kids. they're always hungry. every time we get to an italian restaurant, they can't wait until the food comes. we order the bread, they dive for it. >> tyler? yours is maybe josh's favorite, think, because he does like the spice. tell me a little bit about sriracha. >> my inspiration to the chip is my grandma.
8:37 am
she made homemade chips and we dipped them in sriracha. >> i have a giant bottle of that in my fridge for josh. please, lace, have every one of them available. they'll be available in stores starting tomorrow. you can vote on your favorite tomorrow through may 4th. we might have to have a bag a day from now until may to figure it out. go to our website, on yahoo to find out how to vote for your favorite flavor. >> the garlic bread i might have guessed. the sriracha. and the syrupy finish? i go back to roscoe's in l.a. >> congratulations. good luck to the three of you. more special guests this
8:38 am
morning. the show that keeps giving you to. the power rangers celebrating their 20th anniversary. the most watched live action show in the u.s. here to show their stuff, the megaforce. right there. go. ♪ power rangers ♪ go go power rangers ♪ go go power rangers >> oh! ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ go go power rangers ♪ ♪ power rangers megaforce >> yeah. >> there you go, ladies and
8:39 am
gentlemen. there you go. those power rangers. i was standing right there. it's a darn good thing i moved out of the way. it would have been a thing to the chops. >> what just happened over here? >> we're the show of number once. let's get to the weather. how about your twitter and facebook pictures? a little sioux falls? hattiesburg. 6:00 yesterday, on the ground, long-range, wedge-shaped tornado. this is where the rain will light up the day. houston, new orleans, atlanta, you're back in the shower activity. oklahoma city, right on the edge of the big totals over the next 48 hours. a couple of inches of snow out of that. let the map fly to you. i'm exhausted after watching the power rangers me
8:40 am
>> yeah. that's right. that's right. there's a brand new flarng town, ladies and gentlemen. haul that weather was brought to you by transitions lenses. coming up, actress, mom,
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
robin roberts is coming back to "gma." >> oh, my god. >> welcome back, give. >> hi, robin. welcome back. >> all: welcome back robin! >> welcome back, robin. >> robin, i love you, god bless you. >> we have missed you. >> we love you. ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey >> hey, robin. welcome back. >> welcome back. >> welcome back robin! nine days and counting until she returns. from popes and power rangers, we turn to an emmy award winning actress, animal advocate, entrepreneur, mother, and a brave woman who brought some of
8:44 am
her friends with her. you have a new pet product. you and your current life, seven dogs, three cats. >> yeah. >> two kids. is it fair to say you and josh share their home? >> pretty much. pretty much. josh's perpetual statement is there are too many heart beats in our house. >> do you see a dog and not remember name. just say, dog, you! >> no, i'm good with the names. sometimes the kids i mix up. >> it's a line of products. the just one line of pet products. >> this is something my mother and i started developing. we started the foundation in my brer's name four years ago. funding projects we believe in and that will make a difference in california for our shelter systems. they're really, really bad. so many an millioimals coming i.
8:45 am
so many getting euthanized. we were running out of money. we needed to come up with something to generate some funds for the foundation. the idea behind the collar was that, you know, it's -- makes a statement. sort of like the live strong bra bracelet. >> this is the jason davis heigl foundation. what does that mean to you? >> it was my mother's brain child. in her mind, it was that this -- my brother died very young, at 16. and he wasn't able to live long enough to give himself a legacy. so this was her idea to give him his legacy. he was a real -- man activist. a people activist. he was a peace lover.
8:46 am
and really compassionate, decent guy. this would have meant a lot to him. >> you mentioned the plight of so many animals. there's a spay-neuter initiative. no questions asked. it's an important part of getting people to come in. >> just bring your dog, show up. you don't need to bring tax information, income information, you don't need to have an address. in california city, we have decreased the intake in shelters by 14%. some of the zip codes we're working with, we have decreased the intake by 19%. so we're winning. >> you have all of this. tell us about your next projec. >> it's called a moment to remember. ben loan is directing. i'm very excited.
8:47 am
>> and so you shall. take a break, perhaps from 27 dog, 16 cats. >> mommy has to go to work, kids. >> this is great work. can't wait to see you back on the screen. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> just one pet product available online. and coming up, viola davis, just in a can of del monte green beans?
8:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life.
8:49 am
and we're back with viola davis. her new movie opens on valentine's day. she plays a mystic with special powers caring for her late friend's son. take a look. >> what are you doing? >> looking for books your mother had. i have to return them to the library. >> how did i get home? >> you were already in bed. >> how did i get here? >> why are you shouting? >> i'm sorry.
8:50 am
i'm -- >> heard you had trouble at school today. my father always said, trouble follows that family like stink on flies. i promised your mother -- >> emma, i just -- i don't think it's any of your business. >> it's electric. viola davis joins us now. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> you were forbid on the read the book. you cheated? >> did. that's the neurotic acting student in me. i needed to read the source material. i read the material, and i thought, oh, emma is a maid. >> that wasn't going to happen. >> not after "the help." i felt like this character needed to be integrated into the life of this community and
8:51 am
family in way that wasn't a black woman in servitude. >> and it's really important. she also has special pow peppers many characters in the movie do. jeremy irons was here. he called it a love story. it's also a story, a coming of age story about a young girl strurg stru struggling with both sides of herself. >> and she's claiming here's. she's deciding to take her own fate into her own hands. that's the ultimate message of the movie. the past can't predict your present or future. and you know, but this young adult fantasy. it's nice to have a little message. >> brand new for you. you haven't done anything like this before, have you? >> the only thing, i wish i had a cape. i wish i could fly. you know, but -- >> the averngs 14.
8:52 am
>> hopefully, in will do well so i can do it in the sequel. >> you did your best. you got down in the swamp with alligator alligators. >> the alligator sequence, rowing the boat for two niles the swamp. just think at any moment, an alligator was going to come and i would be toast. >> you were earning your keep. what are the markings on your back? >> those markings, think they look so cool. i have to say. but it's scarification. tribal scars. richard showed me pictures of tribal women that had scars from head to toe. i said, richard, i'm not going that far. i don't know how anyone would say in the town who are you?
8:53 am
why are you here? i thought it was a nice touch to make her kind of other-worldly. >> yeah, it's just beautiful as well. you haven't been here in about a year. how is your daughter doing, 2 1/2 years old now, genesis? >> 2 1/2. she's talking. it can be beautiful and frightening. >> just the beginning. viola davis. thank you for coming back. beautiful creatures opens on valentine's day, february 14th.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we just exploded into the week this morning. we have a whole lot comes up as well. bruce willis, hugh jackman. nigella lawson. >> we're online all the time at on yahoo!. stay well in the south. good morning. a school bus has collided with
8:57 am
a car in manchester. the accident happened around 7:00 this morning and we're told that the bus was for a private school in pennsylvania. the children on the bus were hurt. and it was shut down between route 27 and lemon road. a memorial service to rep those that lost their lives in annapolis today and focus attention on changing the laws to reduce domestic violence and better protect victims. and it will include remarks from a domestic violence survivor. and the rain has moved out of the area and we have a few isolated showers and things will dry out in the evening time frame. lots of cloud cover. but as you look toward the wide
8:58 am
water marina we're average. and the temperatures are really going to shoot up there this afternoon. and 55 degrees and breezy don't forget to follow me. we're following several accidents. there's a crash on woodlawn and charity boulevard. and if you're heading out to 695, we have a crash on the shoulder on the right of reisterstown road. and that the persist in parkville as we take a live look at harford road. the outer loop will take you an extra five minutes. and we have a crash not far from the scene on hills way avenue. the doctors are coming up next you can join us tomorrow beginning at 4:30 for good morning maryland. be safe as you head out today. see you tomorrow. best $4 i ever spent.
8:59 am
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